Full Mouth Restoration

Dr. Lourdes Maqueira & Associates provides full mouth restorations for patients hoping to entirely change the way their mouths look. There may be several contributing factors to an unstructured mouth: it can be due to old age, accidental injury to teeth, or lack of access to oral checkups. Uneven and misaligned teeth can disturb basic activities such as chewing or biting, and can sometimes affect your speech as well. Uneven teeth may also lead to problems like pain caused by improper biting, migraine issues and consistent damage to gums, resulting in gum diseases.

Full mouth restorations are a combination of procedures involving endodontic, periodontal, cosmetic, restorative or orthodontic treatments that require intensive planning. Specific procedures and treatments include:

• Correcting the position of your misaligned teeth
• Hiding stains and spots on the surface of your teeth
• Teeth whitening
• Replacing gaps between teeth
• Treating a crooked, chipped or broken tooth

This treatment changes the overall structure of your mouth, enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your smile.