Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Painless and slow growing gum disease is a serious problem that may sometimes require an aggressive treatment. No matter how hard some people try to maintain their overall oral health; they may still not be reacting effectively enough to hinder gum diseases, posing a risk for your entire body as they can lead to various health diseases.

You may not notice the presence of gum disease as it usually doesn’t show any relevant symptoms. Only when it reaches advanced stages do most people realize the possibility of an apparent periodontal disease. The symptoms of gum disease can include persistent bad breath, loose gums, bleeding gums and a reduction in the amount of enamel.

After a thorough periodontal screening, if gum disease is present, Dr. Lourdes Maqueira & Associates may suggest non-surgical gum therapy to reduce the amount of plaque and tartar in and above the gums. Non-surgical gum therapy involves two procedures, scaling and root planing, which may be done simultaneously.

Scaling and root planing involves removing plaque and tartar, a white sticky substance forming in and above the gum line. We ensure patients’ utmost comfort and aim to restore the pleasant smile to your face.

Generally, these procedures are spread out over time and are re-assessed regularly in order to gauge their effectiveness. In the end, the worst cases of gum disease may require surgery performed by a gum specialist (Periodontist), which we have in-house.

For more information on gum disease, including at-home tips to help maintain optimum oral health, please contact Dr. Lourdes Maqueira & Associates today.