Teeth Whitening

Maintaining a bright, brilliant white smile is not an easy task. You have to devote constant care and attention in order to preserve a radiant luster on your teeth. We are often exposed to materials that degrade the amount of protective dental enamel on our teeth. Further, due to poor maintenance and frequent habits such as consuming tobacco, coffee and tea, our teeth gradually lose their sheen.
Teeth whitening is a simple, painless method used to whiten and restore the lost shine of your teeth. This process includes cleaning the stains off your teeth and restoring a flawless smile to your face. To make your white teeth long-lasting and to prevent a development of yellowing, you can benefit by paying a visit to Dr. Lourdes Maqueira & Associates regularly. We also provide take-home based remedies such as custom whitening kits that can enhance the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.